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product arrow Ultra Gum by Richard Sanders (DVD+Gimmick)

Price Rp 185.000

Sesaat ada di tangan anda dan sesaat kemudian ada di dalam satu pak permen karet yang tersegel. Sulap mengherankan, di depan wajah penonton.

A amazing piece of WOW from the fertile minds of Spidey, Deven Ye and Richard Sanders!

Ultra Gum:
Sebuah perpindahan yang sangat tidak mungkin antara selembar uang yang dipinjam dengan SATU PAK PERMEN KARET YANG DISEGEL OLEH PABRIK!

Selembar uang yang dipinjam dengan pelan-pelan dirobek ujungnya. Robekannya diusap-usap di ujung-ujung jari anda dengan sangat PERLAHAN dan lenyap! Anda bersih, No pulls, No TT's, No ditching......IT'S JUST GONE!

Penonton menyerahkan pada anda selembar uang dan anda menyerahkan pada penonton satu pak permen karet.

Dengan tangan kosong, anda robek dengan perlahan uang penonton. Robekannya anda usap-usap dengan pelan-pelan. Saat anda buka tangan anda ROBEKANNYA LENYAP. Penonton membuka satu pak permen karet dan menemukan robekan uang tersebut yang SANGAT TIDAK MUNGKIN DI DALAM GELEMBUNG PLASTIK SALAH SATU PERMEN KARET YANG MASIH DISEGEL OLEH PABRIK!

SATU-SATUNYA CARA untuk mengeluarkannya adalah dengan MEROBEK SEGEL yang mana dilakukan oleh penonton sendiri dan menemukan robekannya tepat sama saat dihubungkan dengan uang yang diberikan pada anda sesaat yang lalu..

Konsep yang menakjubkan ini memungkinkan anda melakukan transposisi, menghilangkan, memunculkan dan banyak lagi!.

NOTE: Gimmick dapat digunakan berulang-ulang, tidak ada yang diganti!.

How to transform an ordinary package of gum into a secret weapon.
How to perform 6 extraordinary routines with borrowed bills and ordinary playing cards.
As with all Sanders Fx products, every nuance of the method, technique and presentations are layed out clearly and concisely on this DVD.
Learning couldn't be easier.


Cash Flow: A corner torn for a spectator's bill appears, seconds later, sealed in a pack of gum in the spectator's own hands.

Inside: A selected card vanishes from the deck and appears inside a pack of gum in the spectator's hand. The effect is repeated but this time with a torn corner from the selected card. The corner vanishes completely...a few moments later, a piece of gum is impossibly extracted from the unopened gum pack. The spectator opens the gum to find the corner from their selected card trapped inside one of the see through bubbles of the unopened, sealed pack of gum. An impossible ending to a killer effect!

Organic Transpo: A killer in your face transpo handling! Tear a corner from a borrowed bill and put it into your mouth. Slowly begin to chew the corner in your mouth where upon it suddenly transforms into a piece of gum. The spectator open the gum pack to find the corner from their bill impossibly sealed inside the gum pack.

Full On: A practical full bill handling for the effect!

Spidey's Time Travel Routine: Think Neo from "The Matrix" performing a mind bending effect with a piece of gum and a selected card. The spectator is actually convinced that you traveled back in time to perform an impossible torn corner in gum pack effect. An incredible presentation with a devious handling!

The VISUAL Appearance: An amazing piece of EYE CANDY to add to your already impossible effect! A wave of the hand, or a snap of the fingers, etc will cause the bill to VISIBLY APPEAR inside the sealed pack of gum. FIVE killer handlings included.

PLUS: Live Performances, interview segments with Richard Sanders, Spidey and Deven Ye, tips, psychology, extra handlings and more!

OVER 2.5 hours of magic on DVD PLUS GIMMICKS!
(GImmicks are reusable, nothing to replace!)

  • 6 devastating routines.
  • Gimmicks included. Gimmicks are reusable, nothing to replace.
  • Use any pack of gum.
  • Bills or Cards.
  • Hand out the gum for examinable.
  • PLUS: The Visual Appearance Handling. Wave your empty hand over the gum pack and the bill or card VISIBLY APPEARS inside one of the plastic bubbles.
  • PLUS: Additional ideas, psychology, performance tips and more.
  • PLUS INTERVIEW SEGMENTS with Richard Sanders, Spidey and Deven Ye.


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